TKJ strives to enhance the quality of life for each client. Through TKJ programs, clients are taught to be involved in all aspects of daily life such as community activities, making menus, cooking, routines, leisure time activities, hobbies, personal interests, house decoration, clothing, and social contacts. Its trained staff educates clients to make and communicate choices in day-to-day life through pictures, icons, photographs, visual calendars, and verbal assistance.

While TKJ staff members are always ready and willing to support and help clients, they also realize that clients need to achieve independence where possible. Staff members train clients on how to use the public transportation system and how to establish relationships with family members, neighbors and church members. This training has led to many of TKJ’s clients enjoying close relationships with their families, becoming good neighbors to those living around them, and receiving callings and jobs in their churches. As clients become recognized members of their churches and neighborhoods clients enjoy social and emotional growth.

TKJ also assists its clients to arrange for the following needs:
Medical support (appointments, prescriptions, mobility equipment, etc.)
Employment training and placement
Professional counseling
Hospice services
Funeral plans

Another important service TKJ provides its clients is reestablishing relationships with family members. TKJ provides support, involvement, staff, program planning, training, and behavioral assistance, and strives to connect its clients with their families and relatives. .

TKJ maximizes community services and programs available to their clients.

TKJ clients are heavily involved in their communities:

  • Volunteer with community organizations such as the Humane Society, public libraries, nursing homes, homeless shelters and soup kitchens. They also participate in activities to support health and social-related organizations such as the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Pennies by the Inch, Meals on Wheels, LDS Bishops Warehouse and Humanitarian Center, Festival of Trees, Lil’ Gym, Primary Children’s Hospital, Utah Food Bank, Deseret Industries and the Christmas Box House.
  • Participate in community clubs (Movies, craft, exercise, swimming, bowling, and entertainment)
  • Participate in recreational classes (Crafts, cooking, dancing, computers, living skills, exercise, sign language, ceramics, art, aerobics, gymnastics, ice skating, rock climbing, horseback riding)
  • Participate in educational classes (Health-related classes, fire prevention, sexual training, abuse and neglect, rape crisis, and dental hygiene)
  • Participate in exercise groups and organizations (“Lighten Up Utah”, community walks, gym memberships, and Weight Watchers)
  • Attend art and other cultural events (Art galleries, concerts, theatrical plays throughout the city at local high schools, the Utah Symphony, Hale Center Theater, Desert Star, and the Sandy Amphitheater)
  • Support Utah sporting events (Local high school, amateur, community, college, and professional sporting events)
  • Participate in support groups (Deaf Center, Circle of Friends, TBI support group, Blind Center, Diabetes Wellness Center, Carbon County Wellness Center, and Senior’s Centers)
  • Engage in political activities (Clients have placed signs in their yards, hosted “Meet the Candidate” nights, received training on using voting machines, attended events to meet their legislators, and attended town meetings)

Positive family relationships play a big role in the happiness of any individual. TKJ clients are no exception. Therefore, TKJ helps families become more involved in the lives of clients. TKJ encourages clients and their families to socialize by having meal outings and family parties at the client’s home. The organization will also provide transportation to and from family homes and events.

TKJ also provides education, training, and support to family members through annual family conferences, newsletters, and regular phone or face-to-face contact.
TKJ clients and their families regularly give TKJ and its staff high marks for its service.